Practising & Socialising

At LearnToDance we know it's important to not just come to classes and lessons, but also to have opportunities to practice what you've learnt. We offer a number of options when it comes to practising the moves you've learnt in our classes as well as great opportunities to meet up with other students.

Social Nights

Christmas Social 2013



We hold monthly social nights normally on the last Friday of the month.

Our social nights are held at:

Cherry Orchard Pavilion,

Britwell Road,



The evenings run from 8.30pm-11pm and please feel free to bring your own drinks. The cost of the practice session is £7 per person. Whilst we recommend you bring a partner, it is not essential.


You can dance the night away, or just sit and catch up with friends.


Please note no tuition takes place on these evenings though there is a workshop beforehand, and it is £12 for both the workshop and social that follows.



Practice Hire

If you'd like to get some practice in between lessons/classes and our group practice sessions then you can hire out our small Studio 3. Please note that Studio 3 is around 4mx5m so may not be suitable for all dances (especially Ballroom).


The cost is £10 for a 45 minute practice session and the hall can generally be hired any time that it is not being used.


It may be possible to hire space in the main studio but this would depend on existing classes and private lessons.


Please contact us if you'd like to book a slot.

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